John Cadley and the Lost Boys

The Lost Boys hail from the great north country of New York State, where the cold Canadian wind sweeps down across the Great Lakes, picks up moisture from the waters, and dumps it in a continuous tsunami of snow on a city known as Syracuse.

The Lost Boys were formed in just such an atmosphere, in1999, by John Cadley, Paul Wakker, and Karl Lauber. John remains the only original member, now joined by Henry Jankiewicz on fiddle, Mark Allnatt on banjo and guitar, Ted Williams on mandolin, and John Dancks on bass. Their style is a blend of the great traditional bluegrass songs like “Uncle Pen,” “Are You Missing Me,” and “Long Black Veil,” and original compositions, mostly written by John but with some sparkling gems from Mark and Henry as well.

The name, of course, comes from Peter Pan. When John, Mark, and Henry were little they said to their mothers, “I’m going to grow up and be a bluegrass musician,” to which their mothers replied, “I’m sorry, honey, you can’t do both.” When they decided to be bluegrass musicians their mothers threw them out and they became Lost Boys.


July 21, 5:30 pm: Lorenzo Driving Competition Cazenovia, NY

August 16, 6:30pm: LaFayette Library, LaFayette, NY

   “Black Dog” music video